Friday, October 2, 2009

Whores, psychopaths and newsmen

Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. Before antibiotics, people with tertiary (or neuro-) syphilis were considered to be pleasantly demented. Fitting neither of these criteria, fringe politics today is nevertheless mercenary and surreal. And loud. What we have is malicious fabrication rammed down the public's throat by a bunch of whores and psychopaths.

Consider Rush. A tool of the extremist right, he spews hatred day in and day out. Take Beck. With an actor's flair he incites his adoring public to the heights of fanatic hatred worthy of an Orwell novel. Taken together, their sociopathic rhetoric is validating and mainstreaming the psychotic margin that has always existed in our nation. And people listen, get worked up into lather and start Facebook discussions about presidential assassination. They are actors in well financed sinister entertainment masquerading as political commentary.

Some politicians seem to follow. Take Bachmann and Wilson and Franks. Bachmann, who advocates a hunger strike to make sure that we fail to reform and provide access to healthcare for all citizens. A Christian stance? I do not think so. Then, the illustrious Wilson calling the President a liar? In the Congressional chamber? Absurd! Finally, Franks referring to the leader of the free world as "the enemy of humanity". Is this not madness?

David Brooks in an editorial in the NYT today reminds us of the impotence of these "spittle-flecked" Quasimodos. Much like I said before, he contends that their claims of vast followings of Republican armies are simple delusions. I hope so. Nevertheless, their noise is giving me a headache. Let's use the power button. Off.

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  1. I couldnt't agree more. You can't have a reasoned discussion w/ insanity. (or Hannity) Let's ignore them and hope they grow up or go away.