Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupak shtup

Did Stupak finally shtup himself instead of millions of poor Americans, as he had intended to? I think so, and with the Catholic nuns, no less. The man who has been living up to his unfortunate name by trying to derail the healthcare bill because of the non-existent threat of public money funding abortions is now turning on himself, apparently. In a MSNBC interview, as reported here in the NYT, he evidently disparaged the importance of a large and influential group:
"With all due respect to the nuns, when I deal or am working on right-to-life issues, we don’t call the nuns."
Can we hear this again? You don't call the nuns?!!! I think what he meant to say is that we don't call on WOMEN! I for one, though not Catholic, am taking this very personally. I truly believe that it has to do with disparaging the opinions of those who do not hold economic power, particularly the poor women of our nation. "We do not need to listen to them because they are not the ones electing us" is the implication of this stupid stupid remark.

Well, Bart, I do hope that you enjoy the self-stupping that this represents. With this remark, more than any other in the previous few weeks or months, you have shown your true colors. Go back to where you came from and enjoy the fall-out!

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