Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you for your support

A few moths ago I quietly put  a "Donate" button in the right margin of my blog. It was an experiment to see what it can do just by sitting there. But now that I have had a few donations come my way, I feel the need to explain why I decided to solicit donations.

I have now been blogging for a little over three years, and have a small but loyal following. One of the ways I have considered to support my blogging is by allowing ads and sponsorships on the site. Having considered that, I have ruled it out as a possibility for the moment. The reason is simple: even if I manage not to give in to the cognitive biases created by a financial relationship, there will still be the hazard of a perception of conflict. And I prefer to keep my blogging free of such real or imagined conflicts.

At the same time, when I do a meaty post, I spend considerable time on it, and often wish I had more time and resources to spend. So, I thought that direct donation through the site might be a good way to support my blogging.

The posts that seem most valuable, those deconstructing studies, take the longest time and the most effort to do. And it's no wonder: The amount of misinformation that is available to us is staggering, and it is not always clear how to filter it. Although I acknowledge that my interpretations are still informed by my own (conscious or unconscious) cognitive biases, I try to be as transparent as possible about where I am coming from.

Thank you all for your support and for encouraging me to continue this work.        

So, if you like Healthcare, etc., please consider a donation (button in the right margin) to support development of this content. But just to be clear, it is not tax-deductible, as we do not have a non-profit status. Thank you for your support!

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