Monday, February 14, 2011

Redefining compassion: "A spiritual technology"

This is a TEDxUN talk by Krista Tippett. It is fantastic!
If you are in a rush, just go to around minute 10:00 or so. But really the whole talk is well worh considering.


  1. I've listened to Krista Tippet's "Speaking of Faith" radio program for a number of years and am a big fan. Thanks for sharing this from TEDxUN.

  2. This excellent TED Talk by Krista Tippett was very refreshing today, particularly when she challenged us to think of compassion as a technology. If enough people put those words together, "technology of compassion." we may see some very interesting dynamics evolve. I hope so. Thanks for posting her talk. Jim Melfi,

  3. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition has a lot to offer on the "how to" of compassion. In that tradition compassion is consider the masculine aspect of enlightenment and wisdom is the feminine aspect. Without wisdom compassion degenerates into pity or "niceness".

    There is a whole mental technology for developing wisdom and compassion. Summarizing it into one statement I would call it deep awareness without judgement. This non-judgemental awareness is developed by several mental practices and leads naturally to compassionate action.