Thursday, November 12, 2009

30 poems in 30 days

Check this out! Great fundraiser idea. If you want to sponsor me, please e-mail me at

Better late than never

Just heard about this fundraiser
To support literacy education.
Seemed like a good cause to get behind,
So here I am trying to rhyme.

I am not poetically inclined,
But do indulge me in this task.
Please do not judge these sorry lines,
Just go with the flow, and do not ask

For perfect rhymes -- they will not come.
I turn a phrase in mostly prose.
In fact I write about science,
And fear that poetry will expose

My inability to rhyme,
My inclination to be free
In how I say and what I find
To be of importance to me.

This verse is done for greater good.
So please won't you support this cause!
If you so choose, why then I would
Consider ending without pause.

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