Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help crush the lies!

Download your free Health Care Fact Check card from the DCCC website. Also, go here for a growing list of healthcare myths desperately propagated by the out-of-control opposition. Know how to counter the propaganda machine.

Please, share as broadly as possible with anyone who will listen!


  1. Obama just told a whopper about diabetic patients and their doctors. First of all...the price he quoted for amputation is way off....he said it would cost between $30K - $50K. The AMA said the said the surgeon would receive between $740 - $1140. Next...he said the family care physician would pick amputation for the money. Well the family care physian doesn't operate so he/she would receive $0 if the patient has an amputation. Obama also said a pediatrician would take out a child's tonsils for the money. Once again....a pediatrician doesn't do the surgery....and ENT would do it. Obama really needs to learn the facts before he says things that are not correct.

  2. "The direct cost of an amputation associated with the diabetic foot is estimated to be between $30,000 and $60,000". Hospital costs include so much more than just a surgeon's fees.